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Life science

Course Syllabus

Welcome to Life science

I am so excited to have the opportunity to get to work with each of you this year. In Physical science we will have the opportunity to explore the world and discover new lessons about the world God created. I know that we will have tons of fun together this year. 

Course Description:

In life science we will explore all living things. Through inquiry based lessons, students will learn about the following topics: Interactions within ecosystems, Life structure and function, reproduction of organisms, and change over time


Inspire science, Life, Mcgraw hill education. 

Supply List:

  • A4 30 metal ring binder (*must have 30 rings **not 2**)

  • Journal notebook

  • A4 loose lined paper 

  • Colored pen

  • Colored pencils

  • Glue stick

  • Tissue Box

  • Calculator 

  • Pencil and eraser

Essential rules: Respect

Respect each other

Respect the equipment

Respect the teacher

Grading Scale

Major: 60%

Minor: 40%

Come prepared to class. We have a limited time with each other so we need to come to class prepared and ready to work. Make sure you bring all your supplies with you to class. If you do not have something you will not be able to participate fully in the class and ultimately it will be a strain on your level of learning.


Please use the link below to see the Middle school and high school test/project calendar

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