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Course Syllabus

Course description

A.P. Biology is a two-semester sequential course designed to mimic the introductory college Biology curriculum.  The subject matter is similar to the regular Biology class, but in greater depth and detail, with special emphasis on organic chemistry, molecular biology, DNA, genetics, and evolution. Later units include the study of living organisms, and ecology and the environment.  A national test is taken at the end of the year to determine possible exemption of the introductory course in college.


Upon completion of the biology course students should be able to use scientific inquiry to design and conduct scientific investigations to meet a human need, make a decision, or solve a problem.  Students should also be able to demonstrate an understanding of biological science, apply their knowledge to different avenues and make informed decisions in regards to biology. Topics we will cover this school year include but are not limited to: nature of science, chemistry of life, cell structure, genetics, evolution and ecology.  

Required Materials

  • Science Logbook 

  • Binder dedicated purely to A.P. Biology

  • Everyday Materials: (pens or pencils, paper, etc.)


Biology The Unity and Diversity of life 15th edition

AP Lab manual 

Method of Evaluation/Grading

  • This class will be graded based on tests, laboratory assignments/dissections, written reports, group projects, individual projects, oral presentations, and other assignments. Topics and material covered in the course may vary from this syllabus as to meet the needs of particular students and learners.   

Grading Scale:

Major: 70%​

Minor: 30%

100% -90% of total points  = A

89% - 80% of total points   = B

79% - 70% of total points   = C

69% - 60% of total points   = D

< 60%        of total points   = F


Please use the link below to see the Middle school and high school test/project calendar

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